Jesse Hofhuis /
Representative matters

Louboutin's red sole mark

Litigation protecting Louboutin's red sole trademark against invalidation actions and infringement.

Superhero protection

Assistance to DC (Warner Bros.) for the protection of the BX trademarks for Batman, Superman and many others.

Dr. Martens' boots

Litigation for Dr. Martens against look-a-like products on the basis of copyrights, trademarks and tort.

Moral rights for architect

Litigation for architect Fons Verheijen against the renovation of the Netherlands Museum of Natural History (Naturalis).

Swapfiets' blue front tire

Advice and enforcement of Swapfiets' blue front tire trademark.

Trademark use by resellers

Litigation for Volvo against a former dealer on the use of Volvo trademarks promoting the resale of original Volvo products.