Adonna Alkema /

Co-author of IP Handbook

Chapters Copyrights, Database Rights and Neighbouring Rights of 'Kort Begrip van het Intellectueel Eigendomsrecht' ('10, '12, '14).

Procedural law

Commentary on 'ex parte' injunction proceedings (Article 1019i Rv), in reference work ‘Sdu Commentaar Burgerlijk Procesrecht’.

Domain name handbook

The chapter on the Netherlands in ‘Domain Name Law and Practice, An International Handbook’, Oxford University Press.

ADR in copyrights

‘Comparative law study on statutory regulations for alternative dispute resolution in copyright matters’, WODC (co-author).

Prosecution of copyright infrigement

Co-author of commentary to Articles 30b-36b Netherlands Copyright Act in ‘Intellectuele Eigendom, Artikelsgewijs commentaar’.